• Welcome to the Staff Development Webpage
    There are 7 mandatory and 1 non-mandatory online training modules
    Affirmative Action
    Health Training: Part I Asthma, Part II Allergic Reactions
    Blood-Bourne Pathogens
    Child Abuse/Neglect
    Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying
    Suicide Prevention 
    Epilepsy and Seizure Management
    Diabetes Care - No Quiz
    You must complete all seven every year.  
    The results will be recorded and reported to your Building Administrator electronically.  There will be no paper certificate.
    The tests can be completed at https://www.glenridge.org/Page/9733
    These are Google Quizzes.  Remember to sign-in to your Glen Ridge Google Account prior to taking the quizzes.
    Your score will automatically be recorded.