• Glen Ridge High School

    Senior Field Experience

    Program Outline






    This student-initiated program offers seniors an opportunity to conclude their Glen Ridge High School educational experience and requirements by completing a community service or professional work project. This program is a privilege, not a right.



    May 20, 2019 - June 14, 2019 (subject to change depending on snow days)


    • Students must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher calculated after the second marking period of senior year and must have a C+ or higher in each subject in order to apply. Any student eligible at this point must maintain this criteria in the 3rd and 4th marking period.  

    • Positive behavioral record is related to disciplinary referrals and attendance. Any student who has had an out of school suspension during the senior year will not be eligible.

    • Students who have exceeded 10 absences by the first day of the program will be ineligible.

    Any exceptions to the eligibility requirements will be subject to the discretion of the principal.




    • Select a community service/internship site

    Site Criteria:
    Student will receive NO compensation for services provided
    Relatives, family members, current GRHS students and/or individuals under the age of 18 are not permitted to supervise or verify community service hours
    Students are expected to follow, at a minimum, the GRHS dress code; or the dress code expected by the service site.
    Service that is court-assigned will NOT apply towards service hours
    Services performed for an individual should performed under the umbrella of an organization
    Services performed through religious organizations may not be associated with the rituals, service or ceremonies of that religion (choir membership, alter serving, reading).  However, non-religious activities which benefit the religious community are permitted.  (teaching Sunday school, clothing drives, working in shelters).  
    Services performed that are traditional after-school activities are not applicable (student government, National Honor Society).


    • Complete the “Senior Field Experience Application” (to be provided) for GRHS approval

    • Complete and average of 15 hours, and minimum of 10 hours, per week.

    • Each time that you have worked at your approved site, fill out the “Time Log/Journal” (to be provided), and have it signed by your supervisor.  The “Time Log/Journal” must be presented at weekly GRHS Check In’s and at the final Exit Interview.  

    • Weekly Check In’s: Meeting with GRHS supervisor (to be assigned) to review Time Log/Journal, discuss progress and answer questions.

    • Exit Interview: with GRHS site supervisor and/or GRHS Senior Service Committee


    If these requirements are not met, Students will immediately return to their classes and be responsible for making up all work missed in order to graduate on time.  NO EXCEPTIONS



    February 27, 2019—Application due

    • Project site must be determined at this time

    • Signature from site supervisor required

    • GRHS teacher sign-off required

    • Separate sign-off addressing consequences if requirements are not met


    April 1, 2019—Confirmation and approval by GRHS


    May 20, 2019 - June 19, 2019 —Service/Internship duration

    • Weekly check-ins with GRHS supervisor to review weekly hour log/journal


    June 17, 2019- June 21, 2019—Exit interviews