with Miss Chesney! 
    Pre-K-2nd grade 
    Art Schedule:
    Linden Avenue School: Days 1, 3, & 5
    Forest Avenue School: Days 2, 4, & 6 
    **Pre-K and Kindergarten- 1 40 minute class every 6 day cycle
    *1st and 2nd grade- 2 40 minute classes every 6 day cycle 

     Welcome Artists!!

    Pre-Kindergarteners will begin their journey by learning about the Elements of art (specifically line, shape, and color), through viewing the work of several famous artists and creating several mixed media pieces.
    Kindergarteners will focus on the element of Line as they create unique "Line Monsters" using the technique of collage.
    First graders will refresh their observational drawing skills through the creation of a Leaf-line drawing/watercolor-craypas resist project.
    Second graders will review line, shape, and color through the creation of day/night, warm/cool drawing.