What’s New in the Arts?

The Glen Ridge Arts teachers are busy getting ready for some upcoming performances and the Arts Festival on May 12th from 10 AM – 5 PM.  The Advanced Student Arts Show is next Tuesday, April 10th from 7 – 9 PM at the Glen Ridge Women’s Club.  The show will feature AP, GT and NAHS art work, so they are in the midst of preparing and getting their work ready!

District Arts Staff

                               Art                                                                    Music

PreK – 2

Julie Burns

K-2 Music

Maira Hernandez-Kinloch

Grade 3

Jennifer Wujciak

Gr. 4 – 6 Instrumental Music

Erica Schwerin

Grades 4- 6

Doug Hellstern

Chorus/ Music

Marching Band

Director – Madrigal Choir


Jessica Cino

Grades 7 – 8, Intermediate,

Graphic Design

Pamela Stetson-Baker

Gr 3-5 Chorus

Jessica Walsh

Grades 9 – 12

Foundations I, G&T, AP

Anne Malone

7-12 Concert and

Jazz Bands,

Marching Band


Kevin Lagos

                      Frida Kahlo

What’s Going On……


Mrs. Burns’s classes at the primary level,  Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade artists have recently written stories, drawn, painted and collaged as they've learned about artists Wassily Kandinsky, Jasper Johns, Faith Ringgold and Romare Bearden.

All students celebrated the importance of Art during Youth Art Month by creating posters illustrated with drawings and phrases they wrote such as "Art is color", "Art is feelings", "Art is creativity" and "Art is life".

Linden and Forest Avenue artists are currently discussing how being different is a positive thing. We are all celebrating our special "UNIQUENESS" with "one-of-a-kind", "irreplaceable" drawings.


They look forward to seeing everyone at the Arts Festival on May 12th at the high school.


In K-2 Music classes, Mrs. Hernandez-Kinloch invited all the parents in to visit so they can observe first-hand what their children do in class.  The parents were up, moving, dancing, singing, and clapping to the tempo.  They watched the children play the glockenspiels, sing, and perform the various movements associated with each song.  The K-2 students are also getting ready to prepare for the Spring Music performances at Linden Avenue on Friday, May 18th and at Forest Avenue on Wednesday, May 23rd.  


The 3rd Grade has been busy creating their Self-Portraits inspired by Frida Kahlo These will be featured during a Cinco de Mayo celbration.  Jennifer Wujciak is working on shoe tred mosaic garden stones for the  Garden Walk on May 20th.  The 3rd-6th Grade Art Club is completing their plaster sculptures for the Art Show and are working on the set designs for the Musical Aladdin Jr.


At Ridgewood Avenue School, congratulations to Jessica Walsh who is having a baby in a few weeks!!  The RAS Chorus is putting the final touches on for their concert in May.  They will also be performing at the Senior Citizen's Luncheon and the Garden Tour in May.  Looking forward to next year...

Jessica is planning to have all of her chorus students attend the Elementary Choral Music Festival.  They participated in this event last year and it was an awesome opportunity!


The 4th, 5th and 6th Grade artwork from Doug Hellstern’s classes were recently displayed at the Livingston Mall for the annual Essex County Pride Exhibition. Work will also be displayed at the Glen Ridge Arts Festival, in early May, as well as the GR Garden Tour. Art enrichment students are currently producing work that will be framed and displayed throughout the RAS hallways.


In the area of instrumental music, Erica Schwerin is busy getting her grades 4- 6 groups getting ready for their Spring concert which includes the beginner band, the advanced band, the jazz band, and the strings ensemble. The strings ensemble is new this year and features eleven kids on violin, viola, cello, and string bass. A variety of instrumental ensembles will perform at the garden tour in May. On Saturday, May 5th, there will be nine children from RAS participating in the first North Jersey region elementary honors band which is only for 5th and 6th graders! Erica will be assisting in teaching and helping out with logistics for that event.


Pamela Baker’s 7th graders have been designing glass mosaics and creating original animated characters.  These will be displayed at the Arts Festival.  8th graders have been busy learning about value and creating abstracted personal identity portraits.  The NAHS hopes to complete a mosaic wall for the Senior Courtyard by the end of the year.


The HS Drama department led by Advisor Garth Kravitz just finished their production of Bye Bye Birdie.  Kevin Lagos has been buys in the music department.  The HS Jazz Band is beginning to get ready for the next coffee house as is the 7th & 8th grade middle school jazz band.  The Concert Band continues to prepare for their concerts.  The 7th & 8th Grade Bands are preparing for their Dorney Park competition.

The HS Band and Chorus saw the NYC Ballet perform two Tchaikovsky ballets, a Hindemith, and the Firebird from Stravinsky.  All choreography was from Balanchine and was one of the best performances they have seen.  The performance was amazing and from what Mr. Lagos heard, some of them like ballet more than they thought! The students got to speak to two musicians, the Bassoon and violin players, who spoke with them for about 30 minutes before they performed that night.  A special thanks goes out to the chaperones and all of the people behind the scenes that help this stuff happen!


Anne Malone and the AP students are working diligently on their portfolios because the exam is coming up and the GT students are developing their designs which will be used for college portfolios.

The Advanced Student Art Show is Tuesday, April 10 from 7-9 at the Women's club.  The show will feature AP, GT and NAHS art work, so they are in the midst of preparing and getting their work ready!


The High School Chorus is currently preparing for the many upcoming shows.  Jessica Cino is working with them on finishing their 5th piece to be performed at the Spring Concert, May 31st,2012 at the Ridgewood Avenue School.  They would love to see you there!


On May 8th, the HS Chorus received a special invite to attend "Grammy Career Day" at Pace University for the second year in a row. They will be going there and doing workshops with famous producers in the business as well as seeing professionals perform. Last year they saw Adele and Bruno Mars.  One student from the graduating class will be presented with an instrument of their choice based on an essay submission, up to a $3,000 value.  The HS Chorus is also joining the band trip to Firebird in the city. This should be a wonderful show, one that students will not soon forget!   They will be performing at the Arts Festival on Saturday, may 12th as well as the performance by the Renaissance Madrigal Choir.  They begin at 10 AM and are followed by the HS Band.


On June 7th the MS/HS Madrigal will be performing at the Ridgewood Avenue School. This show begins at 7:00 pm. They have 3 pieces that they are currently working on. Finally, the Chorus will make their final appearance of the year at graduation, which will take place on June 22nd at 7:00 PM.