• Transportation Protocol

    Parents will be notified by 2 pm the day before the route begins of the location of the bus stop
    and the anticipated times.

    All students should be at the bus stop ten minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time (and parents available 10 minutes prior to scheduled drop off times) as circumstances and road conditions may impact the pickup and drop off times.


    For Out of District Transportation route issues, parents should contact the student’s case
    manager directly.

    For In-District Transportation routes:
    ● The contact prior to 8 am is the Student Services Office (Ms. Catherine Luzzi,

    ● Issues, after 8 am, should be directed to the Business Department (Ms. Louise Cox,

    Parent Guardian Responsibilities

    Parents should notify Ms. Louise Cox (973-429-8304) if notification of schedule and location of bus stop has not been communicated to the parent by 2 pm the day prior to the start of school.


    The parent should contact the case manager directly if there are busing issues that need to be
    resolved. The parent may communicate with the bus driver directly only for minor unavoidable last-minute changes ex. my child does not need the bus tomorrow. Only the school district can authorize changes to a bus route.


    If a student requires a car seat or restraint, communication should occur directly with the case manager.