• YOUR Class Trip Project

    You will be in charge of researching different ideas for class trips. You will put together a PowerPoint presentation outlining the reasons why we should go on that trip. From there you will present your work to the class where your teachers, fellow students, and the school administration will pick the best trip – and then we’ll all go there!!!


    1. We’re not going kayaking or anything that any reasonable person would deem dangerous.

    2. We can’t go to Alaska. The place you research and present needs to be in the general vicinity of RAS. So, we should be able to leave after you get to school and we should be back in time for school dismissal at 3:00.

    3. We’re not staying overnight.

    4. We’re on a budget. Field trips cost a lot of money, so when researching your places, keep that in mind. With busing and admittance to the trip, we would rather not ask your parents to pay any more than $40.

    5. The trip must be educational. We’re not going to play laser tag.

    Getting started:

    • Work in groups of no more than three people.

    • Assign different tasks: getting research, finding pictures, testimonials, costs, creating excel charts, making a story board, etc. Everyone should be taking part.

    • Before you begin your presentation, or doing research, ask me to make sure your trip is reasonable.

    • Use Google or Yahoo to get started. If you need some ideas, type in “class trip ideas” and you should be on your way. www.classtrips.com is a good starting point.

    • You need to create a colorful and informative multimedia PowerPoint presentation to convince your classmates, and me, that your trip is the one we should choose.

    • Each group member must speak during the presentation.

    • You will receive two grades for this assignment – one for the PowerPoint and one for your oral presentation.
    Be Creative and Have fun!!
    Want to embed a video to your project? Watch this video to find out how.