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    All students are welcome to complete these projects.
    Those of you who have an assignment to complete, the due date is

    Each student is to create a newspaper depicting examples of the three major themes of Social Studies: government, economy, and culture. Each student is to write articles about the different themes using any country that they want to. This does not have to be a current event type of article. You can use the textbook, but you will need to conduct research outside of the textbook. You are to pick a time period throughout a country’s history and write an article on a specific topic. You need to have a minimum of six articles, two articles per theme. Art work should accompany the article or be included in the paper.

    Attempt to make this paper as real as possible. Read your local newspaper or the Star Ledger to come up with ideas. Separate the sections of the newspaper like a real one would.

    Use word to create this newspaper. Be creative and have fun.

    If you have any questions, email me, or stop in to see me I'll show you how easy it can be.
    Please 'share' the project with me, Mrs. Cinotti & Mr. Terpin through the Prezi website, we will receive an email with the link to your completed project.
    Your assignment:
    Using the examples and information you've gathered for  the Fibonnacci sequence and the Golden Ratio in nature and science create a Prezi.  Make a list of 5 examples and explain how they relate to the Fibonnacci sequence or the Golden Ratio.  Create a prezi presentation to share with the class.
    Watch the prezi video to find out how easy it is to create one!
    If you have any questions, email me, or stop in to see me I'll show you how easy it can be!

    QUEST--create your own quest adventure game
    Click on the link and download the software so you can work on your project.

    Another great activity to use is: