• Research 7
    Course Overview
    This course will familiarize you with the resources available in your school library and introduces the process of preparing a research paper according to the standard that will be expected of you throughout the years ahead.  During this cycle you will practice doing the following:
    Unit 1: Finding and Using Print Sources
    Using the Dewey Decimal System to locate books
    Using Alexandria, our online library catalog, to find books in our library
    Finding and using encyclopedias and other reference books
    Unit 2: Finding and Using Online Sources
    Using search engines and search strategies to find online information more effectively
    Evaluating websites for credibility and understanding URLs to help determine the source
    Using EBSCOhost, Facts on File and other research databases to find information online
    Unit 3: Preparing Assignments According to MLA Style
    Paraphrasing and quoting when taking notes from a source
    Adhering to MLA Style formatting guidelines
    Documenting soures and preparing a Works Cited list
    Composing, editing and revising a research paper
    Using parenthetical citations to cite sources and avoid plagiarism 
    Remember that these are skills you will need to use again and again throughout your education so they are especially valuable. Your experience and learning in this course can affect your ability to achieve success in future classes. 
    NOTE: Units outlined above may be completed in another sequence depeding on certain variables that affect our acces to the library and our calendar.