• MLA Font & Spacing
    When preparing a paper according to MLA style, type in Times New Roman 12 point font.
    The entire paper, including the list of Works Cited, should also be double spaced.
    Resetting your Default Font & Spacing
    The above style choices are not automatic default settings in Google Drive unless you have previously set them up to permanently be your "Normal text."
     If you wish to change your Google Drive font defaults:
    1.  Open a Google Doc, type some text and change the text and line spacing as you want it to be.
    2.  Highlight to select the text you typed in the desired font style
    3.  Click on Format - Paragraph Styles - Update "Normal text" to match
    4.  Clock on Format - Pargraph Styles - Options - Set as my default styles 
    Now every time you create a new Google Doc it should default to the font and spacing you have set up as the new default "Normal Text."
    Click here to visit the MLA Online Style Center for more information about formatting a paper according to MLA style guidelines.