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Drop-Off Zone


    Drop-Off Zone Procedures

Dear Parents/Guardians,


The procedure for using the Drop-Off zone is intended to safely, efficiently, and expediently drop students off at school and should not be a stressful one.  We know many drivers are anxious to get to their next destination, but given the limited amount of space in the zone, we all must keep the safety of our children at the forefront of our minds.  The following procedure has proven safe, timely, and efficient.  Please follow this protocol:


  • Only use the Drop-Off Zone if you can remain in your car and your child can unbuckle and get out of the car by him or herself. Arrange child seats and safety door locks as necessary.
  • Pull up to the front of the Drop-Off Zone or up to the next car in the line. Do not cut the car line.
  • The line of cars should consist of 6-8 vehicles at any given time where dropping off and leaving is a smooth almost synchronized process
  • Getting out of the car for any reason is considered parking. There is no parking in the Drop-off Zone.
  • Please leave and pull away after your child is safely out of the car.

Please Remember:


  • There is no parking in the Drop-Off Zone. If the driver gets out of the car, even “for a moment” the car is parked and the entire Drop-Off Zone procedure does not work.
  • Children should be able to get unbuckled, out of the car and shut the door by themselves. If car seat placement or safety locks prevent this, or if children cannot unbuckle by him or herself, please do not use the Drop-Off Zone and find a parking spot (further down on Hawthorne, on Hillside, or on Linden on the opposite side of the school).
  • Drivers should pull away as soon as the car door is closed and the child is safely on the sidewalk. If you need to watch your child enter the school, please do not use the Drop-Off Zone and find a parking spot.
  • Please do not double park at the drop off line. This narrows the roadway and impinges upon the safety of our children.
  • When parking on the streets surrounding our school (Hawthorne, Linden, and Hillside Avenues) be mindful of our neighbor’s driveways and do not block them.