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Using the "Drop-Off Zone"



Dear Forest Avenue Parents & Guardians:
A Drop-off Zone is available in the morning for your convenience.  The Drop-off Zone begins immediately after the yellow curb, beyond the school driveway on Forest Avenue, and runs alongside the field.  The Drop-off Zone is clearly marked by signs indicating, “DROP OFF ZONE NO STANDING”.

In order to use the Drop-off Zone, please pull your vehicle alongside the curb as far as possible toward the end of the Drop-off Zone (along the field toward Sunset Ave; marked by an orange safety cone).  Have your child(ren) independently exit the rear passenger-side of your vehicle, close the rear passenger door of your vehicle and proceed down the sidewalk toward school.  Drivers should remain in the vehicle and pull away slowly and safely, once your child is on the sidewalk.


 There is no parking in the Drop-Off Zone.  If the driver gets out of the car, even for a moment, the car is considered illegally parked and the procedure for the Drop-Off Zone ceases to work properly.


 Mr. Murphy and/or a staff member will be present along the Drop-off Zone to supervise youngsters being dropped off and to guide the children toward the school.


 In the case that you would prefer to walk your child to line-up, public street parking is available on the alternate side of Forest Avenue or on Essex Avenue.  Please avoid blocking the driveways of local homes. 


 Tips for a Successful Drop-Off:


  1. Place car/booster seats on the rear passenger side of your vehicle, so that your child exits onto the sidewalk.
  2. Practice the Drop-Off Zone procedures prior to the start of school, so that parents, caregivers and children are comfortable with this new task.
  3. Never exit your vehicle from the driver-side doors, due to the danger of other vehicles pulling in or away.
  4. Feel free to use regular street parking and walk your child to line-up in the case you are uncomfortable using the Drop-Off Zone.
  5.  Review these procedures with all family members, friends or caregivers who may drop your child(ren) at school throughout the school year.


*When parking on the streets surrounding our school (Forest Avenue, Stonehouse Road and Glen Ridge Parkway) be mindful of our neighbor’s driveways and do not block them or turn around in them.  This is dangerous for students walking to school.


*Never park blocking the school driveway or the Forest Avenue fire hydrant.  This is a critical fire safety measure.  Please be sure to check that you are not blocking the entrance or exit of the driveway when parking on Forest Avenue on the opposite side of the school.

*Cross your child at the corner of Forest Avenue and Glen Ridge Parkway with the crossing guard.  There is no crossing guard at the corner of Glen Ridge Parkway and Stonehouse Road.


Matthew J. Murphy, Principal