State Testing & GT Program News

FALL 2020 - Program News - Updated 9/15/2020

Due to the school closures, the group-administered cognitive assessment (either the CoGAT or InView) and NWEA-MAP assessment were not completed by all students in the Spring.  

These assessments are being scheduled for the beginning of this school year as follows:   

  • CoGAT (for students in K - 2) - an online platform - administered for all students
  • InView (for students Grades 3 -6) - pencil & paper - administered only for hybrid students
  • NWEA-MAP (for students grades K - 6) - an online platform - administered for all students

Since the assessment scores are utilized for the Gifted and Talented entry rubric, the G&T Committee has met to set guidelines for the 2020-2021 School year.  This information has also been reviewed and approved by the administrators.

The following will be the protocol for entry into the G&T programs for the 2020-21 School Year:

  • Students who were eligible for G&T for the 2019-2020 school year will be grandfathered into the program.  The G&T teacher at that level will be in contact with teachers to provide a schedule and email parents to alert them of their status in the program.  The G&T classes will begin the week of 9/8/2020.
  • All other students will be assessed this Fall (as listed above), and students who qualify will be notified by their building principal by December 1st.