Safety During Drop-off Letter

Ridgewood Avenue School

                                                                                                                                                                          Michael Donovan






Hello Parents/Guardians:


This morning, I spent time in front of Ridgewood Avenue School monitoring the drop-off.  I want to send a sincere thank you to those parents who follow all traffic rules, including making sure the children cross the street at the intersection.


I continue to have major concerns about your children’s safety in the morning.  Several parents had their children cross Ridgewood Avenue in spots other than the crosswalk; this is actually a violation that could result in a ticket from the Police Department.  In addition, too many parents pulled into the driveway by the auditorium to then back-up onto Ridgewood Avenue.  And I was shocked to see a few parents do a complete “180 turn” in front of the school. 


Of course, my biggest concern is that each of these violations was done by parents.  Out of convenience, these parents are putting their children and other parents’ children in harm’s way.  I have sent countless letters about this matter, I have had Police presence, and I myself have been outside stopping these violators.  This morning, I contacted the GRPD once again to ask for police presence.  I have also told the Police I am in full support of the officers’ giving tickets to any violators.


Parents, the kid’s need your help.  Their safety must be our priority, but, unfortunately, there are some parents who are more a part of the problem, than the solution. 


Thank you in advance for helping to keep your children safe.




Respectfully, in trying to keep your children safe,


Michael Donovan


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